Design Questionnaire

Are you ever stuck when trying to create a motif (for an event, graphics, interior, etc)? You find an inspiring image (like this lovely midmod gem!), but then don't know where to go from there? Well, aren't you in luck!

Along with my eBook release in 2 weeks, I'm also releasing my "Essential Planning Forms." Among the many, many forms is my Design Questionnaire. This baby has been tried and true for over a decade and helped me create various event designs for an array of clients. Can't wait to share my secret weapon!!

"Success Secrets" Launch Party!

Yes!  You are absolutely invited to come ring in the launch of my eBook, "Success Secrets of the High-End Wedding Planner." Not only will there be sweets and goodies from Copenhagen Pastry and cocktails from Pochteca and Sin Rival Tequila, but photo booth fun from Smile Lounge Photo Booth!  The lovely ladies at Fiore Designs have graciously offered a 10% discount on all items in the store (TRUST me, everything in there is covet-worthy!).  Hope to see you there!

What, Where, Why?!

This eBook has been a long time coming!  It's been a little over a decade of writing snippets here and there, sharing stories with vendors and employees, forming chapters mentally.  After watching the industry blossom and change before my eyes, I decided last year it was finally time to get it ALL OUT!  At times, it felt like a flood of information flowed from my fingertips, I would blink and there were three chapters in front of me.  And then here were times when the information was so obvious to me, but I struggled with how to BEST explain it to others.  I'm happy to say that the final product, "Success Secrets of the High-End Wedding Planner" lays out EVERYTHING about starting, owning and operating a wedding planning business in an easy to follow format.  I'm brimming with excitement to share it with you!

Photo by  Our Labor of Love .

Release Date Announced!

Yes!  It's true, the much anticipated Success Secrets of the High-End Wedding Planner will be officially released to the public on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.  With not one, not two, but THREE options of Success Secrets for you to call your very own, this will be truly exciting for any industry newcomer or veteran alike!