What, Where, Why?!

This eBook has been a long time coming!  It's been a little over a decade of writing snippets here and there, sharing stories with vendors and employees, forming chapters mentally.  After watching the industry blossom and change before my eyes, I decided last year it was finally time to get it ALL OUT!  At times, it felt like a flood of information flowed from my fingertips, I would blink and there were three chapters in front of me.  And then here were times when the information was so obvious to me, but I struggled with how to BEST explain it to others.  I'm happy to say that the final product, "Success Secrets of the High-End Wedding Planner" lays out EVERYTHING about starting, owning and operating a wedding planning business in an easy to follow format.  I'm brimming with excitement to share it with you!

Photo by  Our Labor of Love .